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Selling Your Boat? – IBC Mallorca (International Boat Centre)

Our Brokerage Service Includes…

Selling a yacht is a specialised business, more so than selling a car, or even a house.

In order to ensure your yacht or boat sale is carried out ‘professionally, effectively and efficiently’ – we ensure that every ‘essential’ is covered and we keep you informed every step of the way.

It is essential to ensure that conveyancing is carried out properly and that the sale contract is drawn up to protect both parties.

IBC offer a ‘one stop service’ an will take care of the considerable amount of paperwork involved and ensure everything is done ‘correctly’.

We will first ask you to complete a brokerage form, and provide us with copies of various documents proving that you are the boat owner.  We will then arrange to inspect your boat, and check the information you have given us.  At this point we will normally require a key to the boat, and any authorisation required from the Marina that your boat is lying in to show the boat to prospective buyers.

We will advise you on the presentation of the boat, and if required we can arrange (at cost price) for any cleaning or other minor remedial work required to enable the boat to sell at a good price.

We will photograph the boat, both externally and internally and a selection of these photographs will be used on our website showcasing your boat, alongside being used for our ‘on and off line’ Global Marketing strategies.

If you have any professional quality colour photographs of the boat these would be advantageous.

Photography and the inspection of the boat will take between one and three hours – obviously the larger the boat the longer this will take.

Our photographs are of ‘Professional Quality’ and will showcase your boat at its ‘very best’.

An e-mail, or a colour printed copy of your yacht’s details, will be sent to all prospective buyers currently on our ‘Global Purchaser Database’ and to anyone who subsequently contacts us asking for a yacht of her type.

We will whenever possible accompany potential customers who view your yacht.  If we cannot do so, we will ask that you meet them.  We will not send a customer unaccompanied to the boat, except with your express permission. We will notify you of any offers made, even if we know them to be unacceptable.

We will not accept any offer on your behalf without your approval, even if it is for the full asking price.

On your acceptance of an offer we will draw up a standard contract, and accept a 10% deposit from the purchaser.  This deposit is always held in a separate Clients Account at our bank.

Most purchasers will make their offer “subject to survey”

We will liaise with the purchaser’s appointed surveyor, and the boatyard, to arrange this.  If as a result of this survey they offer a lower price, which you do not accept, the buyer’s deposit will be returned, and we will continue to market the boat.

Once a completion date is agreed we will send you a Bill of Sale to sign and have witnessed, and then return to us, pending the date of completion. On the date of completion we ask the buyers to phone us to say they have taken over the boat satisfactorily, and at that point (assuming we are by then also holding your signed Bill of Sale) we pay you the purchase price, less our commission and any boatyard commission charge.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.