Boat Insurance Services

We have been affiliated to one of the best International Marine Insurance providers for nearly 25 years and can recommend their services as excellent, efficient and extremely competitive.

We would be pleased to supply a copy of their terms and conditions and to provide a custom quote by email.

An example of typical cover would include:

Loss of (or damage to) your boat when in commission and/or laid up, at place of storage ashore, during lifting and hauling out, launching, whilst undergoing survey or normal maintenance.

Loss or damage to the Vessel caused by any governmental authority to prevent or mitigate a pollution hazard resulting directly from damage to the Vessel for which the Company are liable under this Contract Of Insurance, provided that such act of governmental authority has not resulted from want of due diligence by You to prevent or mitigate such hazard or damage.

Loss or damage to property separated from the Vessel onshore as included within the hull and machinery value shown in the Schedule but not exceeding ten per cent (10%) of this value.

All expenses reasonably incurred to sight the bottom of the Vessel following a stranding or collision with an underwater obstruction, even if no damage is found.

Reasonable costs incurred, including salvage, in preventing or minimising a loss covered by this insurance.