Guardiennage – Bespoke to your unique requirements…

We can offer anything that is required, from a super professional wash down before arrival to a top quality turnkey tailor-made service.

Other services included in gardiennage are (but not limited to) :

  • Professional boat clean
  • Laundry service
  • Engine checks
  • Fueling up boat
  • Mooring line checks
  • Periodical running of air conditioning systems, water makers etc.

A typical monthly Gardiennage contract would include:

  • All oil and coolant levels checked
  • All ball and gate valves operated
  • Raw water inspected and cleaned as required
  • All hydraulic systems tested and inspected
  • Hot water system tested and inspected
  • Battery levels checked and topped up where required
  • Run up air conditioning coolers and air handlers – filters cleaned as required
  • Test all lighting and replace bulbs as required
  • Switch on and test all navigation equipment
  • Run up engines and gen set making note of hours run
  • Weekly exterior clean (additional wash down after red rain)
  • Monthly interior clean
  • Attend boat during bad weather to ensure lines are sound

Please contact us for a custom quotation.